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Where to for the traditional travel agent in this ever changing world?  As travelers are bombarded with many and varied options to not only book their travel but obtain the information they once relied on the Brick & Mortar shop for, what is the immediate challenge for the traditional outlet?

The worldwide travel landscape has completely transformed in recent years.  Online travel market has experienced fast growth over the past years and the outlook will be even stronger in the foreseeable future.   In addition, self-service option will become as prevalent in the travel industry as the use of ATMs in the banking sector. Self-service options are becoming an accepted and integrated part of normal working life (especially with the ubiquity of internet), no more remarkable than executives using a PC to write an e-mail rather than dictating a note to their assistants to type up.


Business or leisure travelers nowadays very often go online for airline booking as it is cheaper and convenient. Many air line companies also push very hard for their online E-ticket booking business. After air tickets booked online, the next thing travelers required are hotels, and tours. And people are looking for online booking of those other travel services after landed on the destination.

Where to from here? What and how can the street front agent do to combat this seemingly never ending attack on their domain?


The answer:  Oriental Travel’s “Fast Track Travel On-line” services will transform your traditional travel business into a state-of-art and on-line platform environment in order to increase your competitiveness and customer satisfactions.  Most importantly, no major investments are required in terms of hardware, software, networking and IT professionals.  With minimum training provided, your operational staff will be able to maintain and operate this on-line platform easily and effectively. YOU DO NOT NEED IT EXPERTS AND REQUIRE NO MAJOR INVESTMENT FOR DEVELOP THE ONLINE TRAVEL WEB SITE..


Our “Fast Track Travel On-line” services compose of the following essential portions plus optional offers depending on your travel business nature:


  • *Free Company Domain Registration – Register the .com or domain of your choice and we will pay for your domain for as long as you keep your “Fast Track Travel On-line” services with us.
  • *Starter Website – Choose your template and create a five-page website in minutes.
  • *Search Engine Tools – Easily get your site listed on the leading search engines.
  • Hotel Management and Reservation – Manage and organize hotel information in terms of classes, facilities, destination and room rates.   Provide on-line hotel reservation service for travelers, who are able to review and select hotels based on destination, or search for hotels that match their selection criteria like classes and facilities.  Reservation status can also be reviewed and monitored on-line.
  • Tour Package Management – Manage and organize tour package information in terms of nature (e.g. golf, spa, city tour), category (e.g. self versus guided tour), destination and price, etc.  Provide on-line enquiry service for travelers, who are able to search and review tours based on selected criteria.  Package details and itineraries can be printed out on-demand for distribution purpose.


Note:  A one-time setup fee is required.

             Services are charged and paid monthly with minimum contract period.

     * Optional service items.



“Fast Track Travel On-line” characteristics and benefits:


  • Our “Fast Track Travel On-line” service platform is proven for the travel agent industry.  We are not the newcomer but reckon our customer requirements very well.
  • Our “Fast Track Travel On-line” service platform will be up and running right after your service contract is started.  You get your Return on Investment (ROI) immediately.
  • No investment on fixed assets and software will be incurred.  You don’t need to hire or contract any I.T. professional(s) for web-site programming, content development or system administration.
  • Single point of contact.  Whenever a problem is encountered, you don’t need to worry who is the right party to call for assistance.
  • Your travel data will be maintained and remain always up-to-date by your operational staff anywhere anytime.
  • Customers can always enquire your travel information by themselves anywhere anytime, thus release much workload from your call center versus the old traditional model.  Your customers will get more satisfied, and there is higher chance they will bring you more business.
  • Customers can initiate the hotel booking by themselves anywhere anytime.  They can even monitor and amend their previous bookings by themselves anywhere anytime.  Turnaround time is greatly reduced compared to the old traditional model, meaning you will generate more business with lesser time and resources spent.
  • Unnecessary and wasteful paperwork or brochures are minimized since all the latest travel information are published on-line and easily accessible to your customers.  THIS IS A GREAT COST-SAVING & ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY ELEMENT.