Chengde Scenic spot:
Eight Outer Temples in Chengde

Bishushuanzhuang (Imperial Summer Villa)

 Chengde, China

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Chengde in China is a famous historical and cultural city. It is situated in Hebei Province and has an area of 4,471 square kilometers and a population of 88.5 million.

Surrounded by mountains, Chengde City lies on the area between the Mongolia Plateau and the Huabei Plain. It has a temperate continental climate with an annual average temperature of 8.8oC, and has 150 frost-free days. Annual rainfall averages 580 millimeters.

Mineral deposits of Chengde include coal, iron, copper, molybdenum, manganese, titanium, fluorite, and Iceland spar. The output of Iceland spar ranks the highest in China.

Industries in Chengde are machinery, electronics, meters, food processing, pharmaceuticals, tourism products, metal making, and construction materials. The chief farm products include corn, sorghum, millet, sesame, peanuts, and fruit.

Rail and road transportation facilities of Chengde are good.

Chengde is an 18th century (Qing Dyansty) imperial resort area with famous scenic spots.  The key Chengde Tourist Spots including The Imperial Summer Villa and the Eight Outer Temples are very famous scenic spots of China. The special locally-made products are silk products, glass ware, and tinned food.

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