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OrientalTravel.Com provides on-line hotel reservation for 3, 4, 5 star hotels in major cities of the Greater China Region with discounted rates. All hotel reservation will normally be confirmed within 24 hours, and all room rates were negotiated with the best internet rates inclusive of tax and service charges. The full list of hotels have been classified by each province in China for your easy reference.

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Hong Kong Hotels

Hong Kong is a Special Administration Region of China since China resumed its sovereignty from the British Government on the 1st July, 1997.
Hong Kong Hotel Directory 

Beijing     Hotels

Beijing is the birthplace of Chinese Civilization and one of the six ancient capital cities in China. Beijing, a municipality directly under the Central Government is the capital of the People's Republic of China and the country's political, economic, cultural and transportation center as well as a famous historic city.

Beijing Hotel Directory

Shanghai     Hotels

Shanghai is situated at the delta of the Yangtze River, guarding the gateway of the Yangtze River in the north, facing the sea in the east and bordering Hangzhou Bay in the south. It is China's biggest city and also the biggest seaport as well as the major center of economy, sciences and technology and culture.

Shanghai Hotel Directory

Tianjin Hotels

Tianjin is situated in the northeastern part of North China Great Plain, bordering the Bohai Sea in the east, leaning against the Yuanshan Mountain in the north, with its terrain traversing the Haihe River through north and south.

Tianjin Hotel Directory


Chongqing Hotels

Located in the south-east Sichuan basin, Chongqing is a municipality directly under the Central Government, and is China's important industrial base, with an area of 23,114 square kilometers. Efforts are being made to turn Chongqing into a modern metropolis with the largest foreign market oriented industrial base in West China.

Chongqing Hotel Directory

Macau Hotels

Macau is a Special Administration Region of China since China resumed its sovereignty from the Portuguese Government on the 20th December, 1999.

Macau Hotel Directoy


Taiwan Hotels
Taiwan is situated at China's southeast sea waters. Taiwan Island faces the Pacific to the east, approximately 2,800 kilometers from Guam. It borders Bashi Channel to the south and is 300 kilometers away from the Philippine Islands; to its west is Taiwan Strait, facing Fujian Province on China's mainland.

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