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Anhui, Fujian, Gansu, Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou

China Hotels in Greater China Region listed by Province OrientalTravel.Com provides on-line hotel reservation for 3, 4, 5 star hotels in major cities of the Greater China Region with discounted rates. All hotel reservation will normally be confirmed within 24 hours, and all room rates were negotiated with the best internet rates inclusive of tax and service charges. The full list of hotels have been classified by each province in China for your easy reference.


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Anhui      Province

Anhui province lies in the south-east of China. It has a total area of 139,000 square kilometers. The Yangzi River and the Huai River flow through the province and divide it into three parts: Huaibei, Jianghuai, and Jiangnan.

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Fujian      Province

Fujian Province is located on the southeast coast of China. Fujian is endowed with sub-tropical humid climate, and rich forest resources and mineral deposits which mainly include iron, coal, manganese and graphite.

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Gansu     Province

Gansu province is situated in the northwest part of China. Gansu province is located at a place with a varied topography, where Loess Plateau, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and Inner Mongolian Plateau meet.

Lanzhou City Lanzhou Hotel Directory
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Guangdong    Province

Guangdong is located in South China. It has advanced tourism. Among the main scenic spots and historical sites are Yuexiu Hill in Guangzhou, botanical garden of South China, Star Lake in Zhaoqin, Seven Stars Crags and Dinghu Mountain.

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Zhongshan City Zhongshan Hotel Directory
Heshan City Heshan Hotel Directory



Guangxi      Province

Guangxi Zhuangzu autonomous region lies in the northern part in China. Guangxi is a place with green hills and clear waters-picturesque scenery. It is widely dispersed by limestone. They formed wonderful caves and peals. The places of interest here are Li River, Xing'an Ling canal and Guipingxi Mountain.

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Nanning City Nanning  Hotel Directory
Beihai City Beihai Hotel Directory

Guizhou     Province

Guizhou is situated at southwest of China. Places of historic interest and scenic beauty are the Yellow Fruit Tree Waterfall, Anshun Water Cave of Dragon Palace, Gold-knit Cave, Red Maple Lake and the Lesser Seven-Arched Scenic Site.

Guiyang City Guiyang Hotel Directory

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