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OrientalTravel.Com provides on-line hotel reservation for 3, 4, 5 star hotels in major cities of the Greater China Region with discounted rates. All hotel reservation will normally be confirmed within 24 hours, and all room rates were negotiated with the best internet rates inclusive of tax and service charges. The full list of hotels have been classified by each province in China for your easy reference.


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Hainan     Province

Hainan Province is located in the southernmost part of China. Hainan Island, which is the second largest island in China, consist of Xisha, Nansha, Zhongsha and its sea areas.

Haikou City Haikou Hotel Directory
Sanya City Sanya Hotel Directory

Hebei     Province

Ji lies in the southern part in China. The places of interest are Chengde Summer Resort Manor, Waiba Temple, Qinhuangdao, Beidaihe, Laishui Yesanpo, Cangyan Mountain in Jingjing.


Shijiazhuang City Shijiazhuang Hotel Directory

Heilongjiang     Province

Heilongjiang Province is situated on North-East China border area. Heilongjiang is one of principal areas of land reclamation and cultivation in China.

Harbin City Harbin Hotel Directory

Henan     Province

Henan Province lies in the mid-lower reach of the Yellow River. The places of interest here is Song Mountain, Jigong Mountain, the White-horse Temple in Luoyang, Longmen Caves, the Chancellor Temple in Kaifeng, Tie Tower, Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng, Zhongyue Temple.

Zhengzhou City Zhengzhou Hotel Directory
Luoyang City Luoyang Hotel Directory
Kaifeng City Kaifeng Hotel Directory

Hubei     Province

Hubei Province is situated in the middle reach of the Yangtze River which an area of 180 thousand square km.

Wuhan City Wuhan Hotel Directory
Xiangyang City Xiangyang Hotel Directory

Hunan     Province

Hunan province known for short as Xiang is located at the south bank of the middle reaches of Yangtze River, which has area of 210,000 square km.

Changsha City Changsha Hotel Directory
Zhangjiajie City Zhangjiajie Hotel Directory

Inner Mongolia Autonomous region

Inner Mongolia lies in the northern border in China, has an area of 1.1 million square kilometers.The places of interest are Zhaojun Tomb in Huhehaote, the Five-towers Temple, the Zhao Temple in Wudang Mountain, the Chenggisihan Tomb in Yijinhuoluo.

Hohhot City Hohhot Hotel Directory

Jiangsu     Province

Jiangsu Province lies in the East of China, has an area of 100 thousand square kilometers in area. There are a lot of places of interest. Among them, Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Tomb in Nanjing, Xuanwu Lake, Yuntai Mountain in Lianyungang, the West Lake in Yangzhou, the Tai Lake in Wuxi, Suzhou Garden and the three caves in Yixing.


Nanjing City Nanjing Hotel Directory
Suzhou City Suzhou Hotel Directory
Wuxi City Wuxi Hotel Directory


Jiangxi     Province

Jiangxi province, called 'Gan' for short, lies to the south of the Yangzi River valley. It has a total area of 167,000 square kilometers and a population of 38.27 million. Lushan mountain, Jinggang mountain, Sanqing mountain, and Longhu mountain are the most well-known mountains in Jiangxi province of China.



Jilin     Province
Jilin province lies in the middle part of the northeastern China. It covers an area of 18 million square kilometers and has a population of 2.47 million. Changbai Mountain, Jilin Songhua Lake are well-known in Jilin province.


Liaoning     Province

Liaoning Province is located on the southern part of northeast China, covering an area of 150,000 square kilometers. Liaoning's main historical sites and scenic spots include Shenyang Imperial Palace, Northern and Eastern Mausoleums, seaside of Lushun and Xingcheng, the Yalu River, Mount Qianshan, Phoenix Mountain and Water-cave of Benxi.

Ningxia     Province

Ning is short for Ningxia Hui Clan Autonomous region. It lies in the western part of the Yellow River. It is 66,000 square kilometers in area, with a population of 4.8 million. It is the main inhabiting region of the people in Hui Clan.


Yinchuan City Yinchuan Hotel Directory

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