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OrientalTravel.Com provides on-line hotel reservation for 3, 4, 5 star hotels in major cities of the Greater China Region with discounted rates. All hotel reservation will normally be confirmed within 24 hours, and all room rates were negotiated with the best internet rates inclusive of tax and service charges. The full list of hotels have been classified by each province in China for your easy reference.


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Qinghai     Province

Qinghai Province lies in the northern part in China. It is 720,000 square kilometers in area. The places of interest here are Qinghai Lake, Riyue Mountain, Ta'er Temple and Xining Mosque.

Xining City Xining Hotel Directory


Shanxi     Province

Shaanxi Province is located at the middle reach of the Yellow River with an area of 190 thousand square kilometers.


Xian City Xian Hotel Directory

Shandong     Province

Shandong Province (Lu for short) is situated in the lower reaches of the yellow River, covering an area of 150,000 square kilometers.


Jinan City Jinan Hotel Directory
Qingdao City Qingdao Hotel Directory

Taiyuan     Province

Jin is short for Shanxi province. It lies in Huabei in China. It is 150,000 square kilometers in area.


Taiyuan City Taiyuan Hotel Directory

Sichuan     Province

Sichuan Province is located in southwest China, covering an area of 537,000 square kilometers.


Chengdu City Chengdu Hotel Directory
Deyang City Deyang Hotel Directory
Emeishan City Emeishan Hotel Directory

Tibet     Province

Tibet Autonomous Region is located on southwest China border areas, encompassing 1.2 million square kilometers and with a population of 2.25 million. The Tibet Autonomous Region is populated principally by the Zang Nationality and there are also the Han, Menba, Luoba, and Hui Nationalities. As one of China's five major pastoral areas, Livestock breeding is the backbone of its economy.


Lhasa City Lhasa Hotel Directory

Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (Xin for short) is located in North-West China, covering an area of 1.6 million square kilometers.


Urumqi City Urumqi Hotel Directory
Turpan City Turpan Hotel Directory

Yunnan     Province

Yunnan lies in the southwest in China. It is more than 380 thousand square kilometers in area. The places of interest here are Dian Spring, Cang Mountain in Dali, Xishuang banna.


Kunming City Kunming Hotel Directory
Lijiang City Lijiang Hotel Directory


Zhejiang     Province

Zhejiang Province is located at south-east coast of China, covering an area of 100,000 square kilometers. Main scenic spots and historical sites are West Lake in Hangzhou, Putuo Mountain, Shengsi Archipelago, Nanxi River, Tiantai Mountian and Mogan Mountain.

Hangzhou City Hangzhou Hotel Directory
Ningbo City Ningbo Hotel Directory

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