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@  Dalian City is in Liaoning Province of China. It lies in the most southern part of Liaodong Peninsula. It is one of the most important industry base and main seaport in China. Also, it is the most important littoral opening city, covering an area of 12,574 square kilometers and with a population of 5.23 million.

Dalian China.The main topography is low mountain and downloads. Near the sea, there is a small plain. The coast line is crooked, and also there are many bays. It is the maritime monsoon climate in the warm temperate zone. Dalian has an average annual temperate of 10 degree Celsius, and an average annual precipitation of 700mm. The black frost period can last 180 to 210 days. The mineral resources are abundant. There is coal, asbestos, lime, silicon, magnesium and copper. Dalian abounds in littoral aquatic product and salt.

The industries in Dalian is the important in China. Machine and chemical industry are the main parts. Metallurgy, petroleum refinery, textile, food and electronics are developing in a high speed too. In the recent years, the development of economical technology industries that is being built has taken shape. Amongst its main agricultural products, there are corn, paddy rice, peanut, beans and tussah cocoon. Fishery and fruit growing are very flourishing too. The cultivation of sea cucumber, sea tangle, prawn and shell is the important China. The output of apples is in the first place.

Dalian port is one of China's main seaports. The loading and unloading capacity is in the third place in China. Majority kinds of ships can harbor at Dalian port. The airplanes here not only can take you to Shanghai, Tianjing, Qingdao and so many littoral cities in China, but also can send you to nearly 150 foreign countries and cities all over the world. Every August, Dalian holds the Dalian Clothing Festival.

Dalian is also a famous seacoast resort city with nice ocean views and scenery as well as good scenic spots such as Nest Cliff.




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