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 Dongguan, China

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Dongguan of China is in the middle southern part of Guangdong Province, and it is in the northeastern part of Zhujiang Triangle Islet. I got its name because it lies in the east of Guangzhou and is rich of a kind of grass called Guan Grass. In Han Dynasty, it belonged to Bolang Country, in Eastern Jin Dynasty, it belonged to Baoan Country, and in Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty, it belonged to Dongguan Country. In Sep. 1985, it was built as a city. Now in Dongguan City, there is an urban district and 29 towns. Dongguan is the important place that is lived by those countrymen residing abroad.

Humen, which is in Dongguan, was the main battleground of the Opium War. In Qing Dynasty, Linzexu, our national hero, destroyed the opium in Humen also. And there is Shajiao Fort, Weiyuan Fort, the Opium Destroying Pool and Linzexu Park. Also, there is Ke Garden that is one of the four famous gardens in Guangdong Province.

Dongguan abounds in mineral resources. There is wolfram, tin, copper, sulphur iron, pottery clay, cement, limestone, coal and so on. In industry, light industry is the main part. There are light industry machines, electrical equipment, pharmacy, food, clothes, shipbuilding, building materials and some other kinds.

The special products in Dongguan are sugarcane, bananas, mangoes and oranges. And also there is fireworks, straw products, Hou Street sausages, Baisha chickens, Shilong malt sugar and Daning Wutou Fish, etc.




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