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@ Fuzhou China lies in Fujian Province. It is the capital of it. It is 12 thousand square kilometers in area. The population is 5.5 million.

In the eastern part of Fuzhou City, there is Fuzhou Plain. Others are hilly lands. Minjiang flows from the west to the east. Along the coast, there are many seaports and islands. Haitan Island is the biggest island in Fuzhou. It is the monsoon climate in the inferior torrid zone. The average annual temperature is 19.6 degree Celsius. The average annual precipitation is 1,342mm. The black frost period can last 326 days. Fuzhou abounds in mountain forest and aquatic products in Er Mei. The reserve of wax is the most abundant in China. The reserve of sand in Ping Tan and Chang Le is rich too. Here, hydroelectric power and underground heat energy resources are also abundant. Pingtan is one of the three hot springs in China.

Amongst Fuzhou's major industries are machinery, electrical, food, chemical, leather goods, industrial art and textile industry. Among them the output of leather goods, electrical and industrial art is in the first place in China. The production of plastic machinery and jasmine tea are in the important place. Fuzhou Economical Technology Industries has been built up. In agriculture, there is rice, rope, peanut, sugar cane, straw and fruit products.

China Fuzhou seaport is the most useful transportation in Fuzhou. railway, highway and water transport are very convenient too. Fuzhou seaport is the biggest one in Fuzhou, it can moor the majority of big ships. The passenger ships there can go to Shanghai, Hong Kong, Dalian and so many other cities. The goods can be sent to over 20 countries and areas, both in china and aboard.

Fuzhou and Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjing, Hong Kong and other 10 cities are open to navigation.

Fuzhou is a famous ancient city in Chinese history. Gu mountain is the well-known scenic spot and summer resort. Also, there are some other places of interest. They are West Lake, Linzexu ancestral hall and Longjiang bridge of song dynasty.

The traditional specialties are Shou mountain carving, woodcut, jasmine tea, fu orange and snow orange.


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