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 Guangzhou, China

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Guangzhou China, capital of Guangdong Province, is one of China's main industrial centers, covering an area of 7,434 square kilometers, and with a population of over 6 million.

Guangzhou City of China, stands at the confluence of the East River, West River and North River, with its land sloping from north-east to south-west, and an alluvial plain in the south and south-west parts. It adjoins the South China Sea, and is crisscross with rivers and streams. It has south subtropical marine climate with an annual average temperature of 21.8 degree Celsius, rainfall of 1694 millimeters, and a frost-free period of 345 days. It's abundant in agricultural and aquatic resources. Its mineral resources include coal, salt, copper, iron, zinc, lead and limestone.

Guangzhou's industry covers machinery, shipbuilding, textiles, sugar-refinery, household electrical appliances, computers, petrochemicals, light industrial products for daily use, rubber products and garments. The Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone situated in Huangpu has already taken shape. Guangzhou has advanced agriculture, abounding in rice, sugarcanes, fruits, freshwater fish and oil crops.

Guangzhou China is the communication hub of Guangdong Province, with railways and highways radiating in all directions, and convenient inland-water, coastal and ocean transport. Huangpu is the biggest seaport in the South, ranking fifth in volume of freight handled in China. Its airport stands also in the forefront in passenger transport.

Guangzhou City is South China's biggest national-and-foreign-oriented city with flourishing commerce, and China's chief foreign trade center as well. It's also China's famous historical and cultural city. The city with long summer and no winter is always green with flowers in bloom all the year round, hence reputed as "Flower City". Its scenic spots and historical sites include Guangxiao Temple, Liurong Temple and White Clouds Mountain scenic area etc as the key Guangzhou Tourist Spots.

Efforts are being made to build Guangzhou into an international metropolis functioning primarily as the biggest financial, high-tech and light industrial, as well as communication and transport center in South China.

Guangzhou holds the famous and world's biggest trade fair every year - Guangzhou Canton Fair Trade Show which attracts thousands of businessmen and traders around the world to attend the show.



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