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West Street (Xi Jie)

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 Guilin, China

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Guilin, China  Situated in the northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guilin city of China has always been famous for its scenery and culture. It has an area of 4,194 square kilometers and a population of 1.25 million.

Guilin China is a karst basin surrounded by mountains. The Li River flows through Guilin from north to south. It has a subtropical monsoon climate with an annual temperature of 19C, and 310 frost-free days. Annual rainfall averages 1,926 millimeters.


The main mineral deposits of Guilin city are iron, aluminum, zinc, barite, talcum, and limestone.

The industries of Guilin mainly include machinery, rubber, textile, food processing, medicine, and electronics. Tires and electric meters manufacturing are playing an important role in China. Handicraft industry is flourishing here. Guilin's chief farm products are rice, corn, sugarcane, fruit, and vegetables.


Guilin City is well connected to more than 10 cities throughout China by air. From Guilin boats can reach Guangtzhou via Yangshuo and Wuzhou. The rail and road transportation facilities here are also good.


Guilin, China is the most beautiful sightseeing area in China with famous scenic spots. Every year a great number of tourists visit Guilin. The Guilin Tourist Spots including The Li River scenic area in Guilin is very famous for it charming scenery. The special locally-made products include Sanhua liquor, crisp candy, and rice-flour noodles.


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