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  Guiyang in China, the capital of Guizhou Province, has an area of 2,406 square km., and a population of 1.56 million.

Guiyang City. Lying in the central part of the Miaoling mountain range, most of Guiyang is hilly except the central area. It has a subtropical monsoon climate with an annual average temperature of 15.3C, and 271 frost-free days. Annual rainfall averages 1,197 millimeters.

The main mineral deposits of Guiyang region include coal, bauxite, limestone, sulphurous iron ore, and crystal.

Guiyang is one of China's major producers of nonferrous metals and tobacco. Its major industries also include machinery, steel making, food processing, and chemicals. The chief farm products are rice, wheat, rape, tea, and fish.

Guiyang is a hub of railways in the southwest of China. The Chuanqian, Xiangqian, Guikun, and Qiangui railway lines converge here. Road and air transportation facilities are also good. Flights connect to more than twenty other major cities throughout China.

Guiyang has many beautiful mountains and rivers. The region's premier tourist attractions are Qianlingshan mountain, Lake Qianling, the Huaxi scenic area, the Huangguoshu falls, Lake Hongfeng, and the Dragon Palace. The special locally-made produces include Guiyangdaqu liquor, cigarettes, and Zhumaojiao liquor.


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