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@ Haikou, China the capital of Hainan Province, has an area of 218 square kilometers and a population of 406 thousand.

Haikou City lies on the Binhai plain in the north of Hainan Island. It has a tropical monsoon climate with an annual average temperature of 23.6 degree Celsius. Annual rainfall averages 1,650 millimeters. The Nandu River flows through the east part of Haikou before emptying into the sea. Haikou is rich in aquatic resources.

Haikou is one of the biggest tinned food producers in China. Its industries also include food processing, beverages, rubber, electronic, textiles, chemical fibers, pharmaceuticals, hide, and power. Beverage, chemical fiber, and hide industries are the mainstay. The chief farm products of Haikou are rice, sugarcane, vegetables, peanuts, fruit, and aquatic products.

Transportation in Haikou depends to a great extent on its road. Ships up to 10,000-DWT can load or unload at Haikou's harbors. Haikou has regular ferries to Guanzhou, Zhanjiang, Shantou, and Hong Kong, and regular flights to more than 30 cities throughout China.

Haikou has many historical relics, such as Wugong Ancestral Hall, Sugong Ancestral Hall, and Hairui Tomb. The Xiuying Beach is an excellent summer resort. The famous special products include coconut milk, shell sculptures, coral, Spanish mackerel, grouper, and various sorts of seafood.

Since Hainan Island has been designated and developed as the top tourism province in China, Haikou City and Sanya City became the key travel centre and tourism cities in China.


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