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Hong Kong:SAR of China

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Building of Cultural Centre

Che Kung Temple

Cheung Chau Island

Colonial Architect

Disneyland Hong Kong

Repulse Bay

Garden of Leopard and Tiger

Happy Valley

Kam Tin Pat Heung Places

Kat Hing Wei Village

Ladies Street

Lin Village

Mai Po Natural Area

Man Mo Temple

New Territories Heritage

Ocean Park

Po Lin Monastery & Tai O

Sha Tin Dau Fong San

Shek O Big Wave Bay


Star Ferry

Temple Street

The Hollywood Road

Tsing Ma Bridge

Unique Commerical Building

Victoria Peak

Wong Tai Sin Temple


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 Hong Kong, China (SAR of China)

 (Hong Kong Travel Guide)


Hong Kong of China is mainly composed of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsular and the New Territories.

There are more than 100 well-established hotels in Hong Kong. Many Hong Kong hotels are located in the Tsimshatsui, the most exciting place for food, shopping and entertainment and is a well known tourist area in Kowloon. On Hong Kong Island, hotels are located in Central, Admiralty and Wanchai, these are the financial and business districts on Hong Kong Island. A few other Hong Kong hotels are located in Causeway Bay and North Point. There are also a few Hong Kong hotel resorts in the New Territories.

The Hong Kong Island is the most thriving place of the whole of Hong Kong and is also the seat of the Hong Kong Government bodies. On both sides of the streets, there are flourishing commercial towers and shopping centers, offices of the world famous financial bodies, shipping institutions and the headquarters of trade companies, and consulate of various countries and regions. The topography in the southern part of the Hong Kong Island is relatively low. The renowned Deep Water Bay and Repulse Bay are all located here, which are Hong Kong's mainly tourist area and residential quarters of the first class. Kowloon is one of the centers of industrial and commercial activities. The Victoria Harbour, one of the three natural deep water harbours of the world is situated between the Kowloon Peninsula and the Hong Kong Island. By utilizing the excellent advantages, Hong Kong has gradually developed into one of the world shipping centers.

In Hong Kong, the commercial towers and shopping centers, you will find exquisite merchandise, a feast for the eyes. It looks as if international fairs of merchandise from various countries throughout the world were held here in Hong Kong everyday.

Hong Kong's communications are highly developed, subway and ground railway, highway, undersea tunnels, motorway interchange, viaduct, ferry, airport and what not radiating in all directions, like a piece of huge network knitting the whole city together.

Hong Kong City is a city for tourism, which is known as a fine place to visit for 'food, shopping, recreation and entertainment'. Every year there are several million tourists come to Hong Kong for visits and thousands of huge ships coming in and out of Hong Kong harbours and everyday there are hundreds of airplanes taking off and landing in Hong Kong international airport.

How do I go to Shenzhen and Guangzhou or Macau from Hong Kong?
China is a much more open country now. However, you need to have a China Visa .. KCRC has direct train services to Guangzhou
, shanghai and Beijing from Hong Kong. There are also train services to Lo Wu. From there, it is very convenient to walk and cross over the China boarder to Shenzhen. This train services is scheduled to run in every few minutes. TubroJET is another favorable mode of transportation going directly to Guangzhou. Both of the train and boat take more than 2 hours to Guangzhou from Hong Kong. The train ride from Kowloon, Hong Kong to Lo Wu station takes 45 minutes. Or you can take a tour to visit Macau from Hong Kong by turbo-jet ferry which took less than one hour by sea. Please check our Macau tour directory.

You can visit the famous scenic spots in Hong Kong such as The Repulse Bay, The Disneyland of Hong Kong, The Victoria Peak, The Po Lin Monastery in Lantau Mountain by riding the 360 cable car.

For Hong Kong Travel, you can visit various tourism spots in China via Hong Kong either by air, train or by bus. Please visit our China Tour Directory for China tour pacakges.

Is it worthwhile spending a day in Shenzhen?
It is certainly worthwhile spending a day in Shenzhen
for scenery visit or for shopping and take one day Shenzhen Tour from Hong Kong to visit China Shenzhen Tour for tour information.    

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