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Mt.Huangshan/Lake Taiping/ Mt.Jiuhuashan/Nanjing Tour


Visit Points
Dr.Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum
Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum
Mt.Huangshan Hotels
Nanjiang Hotels

Tour No.: HN350511     

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Itinerary : Mt.Huangshan/ Lake Taiping/ Mt.Jiuhuashan / Nanjing

Duration : 6 nights and 7 days

Daily Departure

Tour Schedule:

Day 1: (no meal arrangement)

Arrive in Huangshan City (downtown Tunxi) and visit the Old Street, the Ink-stick Workshop, the Museum in Tunxi. Stay at one 4-star hotel in downtown Tunxi.


Day 2: (Breakfast/Lunch)

Go to Yi County to visit the ancient villages and residences, Xidi and Hongcun. Stay at one 3-star hotel in hot-spring area of Mt.Huangshan.


Day 3: (Breakfast/Lunch)

Up to the mountain top by Yuping cableway. Go hiking and sight-seeing over the Guest-greeting Pine, the Lotus-flower Peak, the Giant-fish Peak, the Bright-top Peak, the Flying-over Rock, etc. Stay at one 4-star hotel in peak area.


Day 4: (Breakfast/Lunch)

Watch the sunrise. Go on hiking and sight-seeing over the Lion Peak and the Begin-to-believe Peak. Come down by the Taiping cableway and go to take a cruise on Lake Taiping in the afternoon. Car ride to Mt.Jiuhuashan and stay at one 3-star hotel in Mt.Jiuhuashan scenic area.


Day 5: (Breakfast/Lunch)

Worship Buddhas and visit the saint Buddhism relics, temples, monasteries in Mt.Jiuhuashan. Stay at one 3-star hotel in Mt.Jiuhuashan scenic area.


Day 6: (Breakfast/Lunch)

Car ride to the ancient Nanjing City. Visit the famous Dr.Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum, Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum in Nanjing and stay at one 4-star hotel in Nanjing.


Day 7: (Breakfast)

Visit the Grand Nanjing Bridge, the old Presidential Hall, the Lake Xuanwu, Fuzi Temple in Nanjing and depart.

The Standard of Service:
Accommodation: Four/three star hotels (on twin sharing basis)
Transportation: Imported car (or cars of Santana 2000) or buses with air-conditioning.
Tour Guide: A well qualified, experience and English speaking tour guide.

Tour Reservation:
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