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  Kaohsiung (Gaoxiong) city of Taiwan is situated at the southwestern part of Taiwan. It faces the south outlet of the Taiwan Strait and is the biggest seaport city, secondary only to Taipei city. In 1863 (the 2nd year of Emperor Tong Zhi's reign of the Qing Dynasty), it was opened up as a commercial port, and then it was formally developed into a seaport after 1895 (the 21st year of the reign of Emperor Guang Xu of the Qing Dynasty). Thus in 1920, it was named Kaohsiung.

Kaohsiung is a beautiful city well-known for its scenic beauty, a place for sightseeing. You have the Longevity Hill Park, Zuoying Lotus Pond, Banping Mountain, Lovers' River and other such scenic spots as Seawater Outdoor Bathing in the Xizi Bay with snow-white fine sand beach and dark blue seawater. There are coconut palms towering into the sky and the flamboyant trees with red blossom and evergreen graceful foliage, all of which present a wonderful picture of radiant and enchanting scene and agreeable weather.

The snacks served at night market in the Liuhe Street of Kaohsiung city are also extremely attractive to visitors. There is a great variety for you to choose and you will enjoy such delicious food as Carp Louse Soup, Shelled Fresh Shrimp Soup, Cantonese Porridge, Noodle in Soup and what not. In addition, you will also find Fried Cricket, Snake Meat and other delicacies. "Liquou Snail" famous all over the island, is really one of the special local flavours. You should not let the opportunity slip out of your fingers.

For Kaohsiung travel, The key Kaohsiung Tourist Spots, the scenery and scenic spots are Fuguang Mountain and the surrounding tourist spots such as Sun Moon Lake.


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