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 Lanzhou, China

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¡@ Lanzhou China is the capital of the Gansu province, with 13 thousand square kilometers in area and a population of 2.58 million.

In Lanzhou. The topography is formed by three parts. They are valleys, basins, hilly land and Huangtumao ditch and gully area. The Yellow River is flowing through the whole city. Most parts of the area are semi-dry climate in the temperate zone. It has an average annual temperature of 8.9 degree Celsius, and an average annual precipitation of 331mm. Lanzhou abounds in coal. And also, there is gold, silver, zine, nickel, manganese, clay and dolomite, etc. The resource of waterpower is abundant too. Amongst its major industries, especially the oil refinery, chemical, machinary and metallurgical industry, are in the first place in China. In agriculture, there is spring wheat, vegetables, beans, oil-boiling, melon, tobacco, drug and so on. Lanzhou is the important output place of roses and lilieLanzhou. The reserve of rose-oil is in the first place. It can be about 80% of Chinese output. Lanzhou's fruits are famous too.

In Lanzhou, the railway and highway are very convenient. The airplane here can take you to more than 20 cities all over the country.

Lanzhou City's climate is cool. And there are so many places of interest. Wuquan Mountain, Baita Mountain and Xinglong Mountain are the most famous summer resort places in China. Lutusi ancient government is the most complete ancient palace building that has survived through China¡¦s long history.

The traditional Lanzhou product specialties are melon seed, peach, watermelon, pears, roses and lilies.

Lanzhou Travel with scenic spots such as Jiayuquan Pass (the famouse great pass), Baita Mountain, and Binqlingsi scenery.

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