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 Lhasa, China

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  Lhasa of China lies in the Tibet autonomous region. It is the metropolis of it, 29 thousand square kilometers in area, with a population is 367 thousand.

Lhasa City. The northern part of Lhasa is higher than the southern part. The middle southern part is the plain, the topography there is very even. It is the plateau monsoon climate in the temperate zone. It has an average annual temperature of 7.5, and an average annual precipitation of 454mm. There are so many animals and some kinds of fish in Lhasa. The mineral resources are very abundant. There is copper, iron, Au, granite, marble and plaster, etc.

Agriculture here is very important. Mainly, there is wheat, highland barley, tomatoes, cucumber and so on. In the animal husbandry, cow bleeding is in the first place. Lhasa is famous for its agricultural machine, power, leather, food and motor-car reparation and concrete. The national handicraft is famous too.

In Lhasa, highway is the main transportation here. And the planes here can take you to Chengdu and many other cities in China.

Lhasa is the cultural historical city in China with lots of scenic spots. In Tang Dynasty, Tufan took here as its capital. There are a lot of ancient temples, Such as Budala Palace, Dazhao Temple, Zhebeng Temple and so on are the key Lhasa Tourist Spots. Otherwise, the Yangba Well in Dangxiong Prefecture is famous for its hot fount, warm fount and boiling fount, etc. And also, there is the biggest lake in the world, that is Namucuo Lake.

The traditional specialties in Lhasa are carpet, jewelry, highland barley wine, snow-lotus and Zang flowers.


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