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  Sanya, China is a busy port and tourist resort on the southern tip of Hainan Island. It has an area of 1,887 square kilometers, and a population of 3.8 million.

The northern part of Sanya City are mountains, the southern part are plains. It has a tropical monsoon climate with an annual average temperature of 25.4oC. Annual rainfall averages 1,450 millimeters.

Sanya in China is rich in forest and water resources. Mineral deposits include quartz, limestone, iron, and phosphorus.

Industries in Sanya include sugar refining, salt making, shipbuilding, and electronics. The chief farm products are rice, sugarcane, rubber, piper, and timber. Sanya also has many seafood, including shark's fins, abalone, and sea cucumbers.

Sanya China is a hub of transportation in the southern area of Hainan Island. Sanya Port connects Sanya with Guangzhou, Beihai, and Shenzhen.

Sanya in China lies on a peninsula with beautiful beaches scenic spots and charming scenery. For Sanya Tourist Spots; The region's premier tourist attractions include Dadonghai, Tianya Haijiao, and the yalong Gulf. The famous products are mackerel , red snapper, sea cucumbers, sea horses, pearls, shark's fins, abalone, edible bird's nests, and agalloch eaglewood.

Sanya city has been developed as the most pupular tourist city for vacation and holidays. It has been name the Hawaii of the East. The rich and beautiful beaches with newly built famous 5 star resort hotels make Sanya city as the most valuable deluxe resort city in China.


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