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 Taiyuan, China

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Taiyuan China is the provincial capital of Shanxi Province. As a whole, Taiyuan covers an area of 7 thousand square kilometers and has a population of 2.67 million.

In Taiyuan. There are many mountains around here from east to west and in the north, there are rivers and plains in the middle part and northern part. Taiyuan's main topography is download, the plain only occupies five percent of the area. It is the continental climate in Temperate Zone. The annual precipitation is 456mm and the black frost period can last 170 days. Taiyuan abounds in coal and irons mine resources. There is manganese, copper, aluminum, plaster stone and sulphur, etc.

In the fields of Taiuyuan city industry, there is metallurgy, machinery, coal and chemical industry. copper and iron industry is the important industrial base in China. It is one of the most important production centers in derrick equipment, mining machinery, steel rolling machinery, sulphuric acid, calcium superphosphate and careful chemical industry in china. Chinese coal mine mainly from Mineral Bureau of western mountain.

In the fields of Taiyuan agriculture, there is wheat, rice, corn, cotton, oilseed, beet and vegetables.

The railway, highway and aviation are convenient in Taiyuan.

For scenic spots in the historical city of Taiyuan, Jin Temple, Shengmu Palace, Chongshan Temple and Shuangta Temple are well-known scenic spots and historical sites. The traditional specialties are lacquerware, Taiyuan jade carving, pared noodles.



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