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  Xiamen China is in the southern part of Fujian Province. It is the economic special region. It is 1516 square kilometers is area. The population is 1150000.

Xiamen's main topography is downland. Near the sea, there is the small plain. Xiamen island and continent is connected by the sea bank. It has a monsoon climate in subtropical zone. The annual average temperature is 20.8oC. The annual precipitation is 1100mm and the black frost period can last 364 days. The sea is very wide and deep. Depending on the sea and the island, the ship can touch here.

The industry in Xiamen City is machine, electron, textile, clothes, food and chemical industry. The output of electron industry and cigarette are in the first place in China. Drink, leather goods, industry arts chemical fibre, electric appliances and instruments are well-known all over the country. The special region covers an area of 131 square kilometers, and it has formed the initial scale. In agriculture, there are grains, peanut, sugar cane, tea and fruits. Xiamen Harbor is the important foreign trade harbor. It has some ocean-going route to some other countries and places, such as Singapore, Japan, Macaw and so on. And passenger ships and cargo ships will go to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou and so many other places.

In China Xiamen, railway and highway are both convenient, and the airplanes here can take you to some cities in China.

Gulangyu Island in Xiamen - Wanshi Mountain in Xiamen is an important place of interest in China. South Putuo is another famous place in Xia Men. The traditional specialties are peanut crisp, spice grapes, etc.



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