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Travelnet - The Cyber Travel Corporation

Travelnet Ltd. is a company founded with the mission of setting up an Asia Internet Travel Gateway for both business and leisure travellers to Greater China Region, and has the vision to be the Asian Travel Center for all travellers from around the world.

The company is established by a group of professionals from computer and travel industries. We are registered and based in Hong Kong - The Pearl Of The Orient, to capitalize on the advanced communications infrastructure, high caliber management, technical expertise and free market environment that distinguish Hong Kong from all other Asian cities.

Our Hong Kong Travel Agent Licence No. is 352222, and our membership No. of The Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong is 21226-O. We are also a member of The Federation of H.K. Chinese Travel Agents Ltd.

Our website incorporates three major functions:- The China Tourist Information session which provides rich travel information of Greater China Region, the Hotel Reservation system offering convenient and cost effective reservation services, and The China Tour Packages session which provides reservation service for personalized popular China Tour Packages.

The Electronic Tourist Book offers excellent tourist information on provinces, cities and tourist spots. All the descriptions are complemented by professional quality photographs. This session also provides useful travel information and hints for travellers for business or leisure alike. This Electronic Tourist Book with Panorama Stock Photos will constitute a super tourist book with huge amount of information for pre-trip planning and pleasure reading.

Our highly efficient Hotel Reservation System facilitates travellers to easily search, compare and find the most ideal and economic hotels to stay. This session provides detailed hotel information and covers most of the major hotels in the Greater China Region which includes China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. We shall extend the coverage to other countries in the Asia Pacific Region at a latter stage. We set high standards to research and evaluate hotel facilities and services, and only offer those hotels that meet or exceed our requirements. Client should be able to expect quality services from the hotels we offer. The reservation system also provides user friendly features for clients to easy reservation and amendment of hotel rooms.

We are committed to provide best-in-class and richest travel information for travellers and tourists. Our website is destined to be one of the best travel portal sites and be extremely popular amongst travellers and tourist for trip planning as well as pleasure reading at home. Our attractive room rates and quality services strike to serve our customers with the best cyber age reservation services to meet the highest demand of the twenty-first century internet customers.


Hong Kong Travel Agent Licence No. 352222