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China Beijing Trade Shows and Exhibition in 2008

26 -28/ Sep/ 2008

China International Optics Fair 2008

    09-13/ Oct/ 2008 The 9th China International Machine Tool & Tools Exhibition (CIMES 2008)
    20-22/ Oct/ 2008 2008 China International Medical Equipment Exhibition (CIHE 2008)
   28-30/ Oct / 2008 The 4th China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition, 2008
   28-31/ Oct/ 2008 The 3rd China International Architectural Expo
   05-08/ Nov/ 2008 The 17th Beijing International Radio TV ﹠Film Equipment Exhibition (BIRTV 2008)
   11-15/ Nov/ 2008 China International Jewellery Fair 2008 (CIJF 2008)
   12-14/ Nov/ 2008 The 12th International Exhibition on Electric Power Equipment and Technology
   12-14/ Nov/ 2008 China-Pharm 2008
   18-21/ Nov/ 2008 Beijing International Exhibition on Windows, Doors,Skylights and Curtain Wall Technology, Components, and Prefabricated Units (Fenestration China 2008)
   18-21/ Nov/ 2008 The 19th International Conference and Fair for Measurement Instrumentation and Automation (MICONEX 2008)
   25-27/ Nov/ 2008 The 13th International Lasers Opto-Electronics and Photonics Exhibition
   25-28/ Nov/ 2008 The 11th China Beijing International Furniture, Woodworking Machinery and Wood Products Exhibition

   02-04/ Dec/ 2008

Interairport China 2008

   02-04/ Dec/ 2008 The 7th China International Steel Construction Expo
   03-05/ Dec/ 2008 Water & Membrane China 2008


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