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China History

China History
China has about 5,000 years of continuous history, but early 'records' ¦ are of a mythological and legendary nature. The Xia Dynasty, documented in early Chinese histories as the first Chinese dynasty, dates back to 2,200BC. During the period of about 4,000 years, more than ten dynasties were established, including the Shang (1700-1100BC), Zhou (1100-256BC), Qin (221-206BC), Han (206BC-220AD), Jin (265-420AD), Sui (581-618AD), Tang (618-907AD), Song (960-1279AD),Yuan (1206-1368AD), Ming (1368-1644AD), and Qing (1616-1911AD).

We introduce you to Chinese history here by providing the histories of the major cities in China that have the most interesting values.

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