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Oriental Travel is pleased to provide you a comprehensive China Hotel Directory and Taiwan Hotel Directory with over 2,000 China hotels including business hotels, vacation accommodation, resort hotels and holiday resorts. We offer a China Hotel Guide and Taiwan Hotel Guide that covers 3, 4, 5 stars business hotels and vacation resorts in each city of China, all with agent discounted rates for affordable budget. Our efficient Hotel Reservation System facilitates provides travelers to easily search, compare, reserve and book the most ideal and economic China hotels to stay.

We set high standards to research and evaluate all China hotel and China resort facilities and services. We strike to provide excellent customer service for China hotel reservation and travel booking services. We offer only those China hotels, Taiwan hotels and resorts that meet or exceed our requirements of hotel selection. Client should be able to expect quality services from the hotels we offer.

All China hotel reservation and hotel room booking will normally be confirmed within 12 working hours, and all hotel room rates were negotiated with the best internet discounted rates and budget prices. Hotel rates include tax and service charges.

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