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Ethnic Minorities of China

(Han Chinese & 55 China Ethnic Minority)

China has a huge population of 1.3 billion people. This population is a composition of Han Chinese and 55 officially recognized ethnic minorities. Han Chinese makes up 92% of the population while the 55 ethnic minorities compose 8% of the rest. Each ethnic minority group has his own unique racial, social, culture and economic background. This vast composition of ethnic minorities and their differences have contributed to China as the world's most richest country with different cultures, dialects and history.

The following table is a list of the ethnic minorities in China. Please click on to the China ethnic minority group that interests you for further information.

56 Ethnic minority group photo:
Ethnic minority group photo

Han People Huis Mongolians
Tibetans La Hu Nationality Gaoshan Nationality
She Nationality Wa Nationality Li Su Nationality
Li Nationality Dai Nationality Kazak Nationality
Hani Nationality Tujia Nationlity Bai Nationality
Tung Nationality Yao Nationality Manchu Nationality
Korean Nationality Bouyei Nationality Chuang Nationality
Yi Nationality Miao Nationality Uighur Nationality
Pumi Nationality Maonan Nationality Gelo Nationality
Blang Nationality Salar Nationality Qiang Nationality
Mulam Nationality Shui Nationality Dongxian Nationality
Naxi Nationality Jingho Nationality Tu Nationality
Daur Nationality Kirgiz Nationality Tajik Nationality
Uzbek Nationality Nu Nationality Xibe Nationality
Achang Nationality Russian Nationality Ewenki Nationality
De'ang Nationality Bonan Nationality Yugur Nationality
Jing Nationality Tatar Nationality Derung Nationality
Oroqen Nationality Hezhe Nationality Moinba Nationality
Lhoba Nationality Jino Nationality


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